Rio Urban Arts

Ef þú þarft að bóka fleiri í ferðina, vinsamlegast hafðu samband við ferðasérfræðinga okkar og þau munu aðstoða þig við bókunina. 

From colorful murals to surrealistic stencils, from posters to incoherent scribbling, we are going to see the full spectrum of art unfold before us: the beautiful, the terrible, and the plain strange. On this tour we will explore not only this precious and fleeting art, which only exists for a few moments, but also the personal life and style of the best carioca artists and the way the city was shaped through various sociopolitical forces.

  • Itinerary

    We begin our tour in front of Copacabana Palace Hotel at 10:00 and from there we take the metro to Glória, where we see our first street art work: the famous Selaron Lapa Steps, built by one man with thousands of tiles from all over the world. We move on to Cinelândia and We get the tram to Praça Mauá.

    The square marks the beginning of Avenida Rio Branco avenue and also of the Port Region, in the Central area of Rio. Around the square there are important buildings, such as the Rio Art Museum (MAR) and the Museum of Tomorrow.

    From there, we walk by the Olimpic Boulevard to see all the new different art works in the area, includind the very large (it’s in the Guiness Book of Records!) 3,000 square meters ‘Etnias’ mural.

    Finally, we go to the Pedra do Sal. Originally a slave village, Pedra do Sal is a place with special significance for Cariocas of African descent and fans of samba and choro music. It’s a culturally rich area, full of art, definetelly worth a visit and stoping for a cold beer!



Frekari upplýsingar

Bring water and camera!

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